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Here are the objectives as extracted from AMDISS Constitution

The association’s objects (‘the objects’) are to:

  1. Work towards the establishment of a viable environment for the development of Media in general and in particular the independent media in post-conflict South Sudan.
  2. Advocate for human rights guarantees in accordance with Transitional Constitution of South Sudan and international human rights norms of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and of media rights covenants, conventions, codes, and declarations thereof.
  3. Support the development, monitoring, and protection of a free, fair, diverse and inclusive media environment in South Sudan.
  4. Advocate and use all best endeavors to change or rescind existing laws and/or any future legislation (in South Sudan) which inhibit human rights, freedom of information & expression, and the development of a free, fair, and diverse independent media;
  5. Advocate and use all best endeavors to support legislation for freedom of information &expression, broadcast legislation (including for a public service broadcaster), and Independent Media Council legislation for all levels of Government in South Sudan;
  6. Contribute to mobilizing and building Media capacity to support communication for Peace, good governance and Development in post-conflict Sudan;
  7. Endeavour to support the development of a code of ethics and professional standards for media professionals and practitioners;
  8. Uphold the right of the public to be accurately and fairly informed on matters of public and general interest and access to information;
  9. Endeavour to support the development of media associations and professional bodies in furtherance of the best interests and practice of the profession;
  10. Endeavor to advocate the practice of safety of media professionals and practitioners
  11. Promote & implement best endeavors policies for media training and skills development in print, broadcast and new media;
  12. Lead advocacy on media development issues in post-conflict South Sudan and develop effective partnerships with local, regional, and international media organisations, including human rights groups to exchange ideas and co-ordinate strategies in furtherance of the objects;
  13. Assist communication for peace and development in local communities through support for all national languages programming with the aid of community Radio stations, TV and local information centres where practicable;
  14. To mobilise and seek financial assistance for the Association and its members in furtherance of media development,
  15. To research, monitor and document media issues and other impediments to the development of a vibrant independent media and the free flow of information in South Sudan;
  16. Liaise with similar professional bodies, locally and internationally, to ensure that appropriate industry standards and best practice are set and maintained;
  17. Make representations as appropriate on media development issues to government (legislative, executive & judiciary) public inquiries, and other organizations in South Sudan and abroad;
  18. Advocate for gender parity and inclusiveness in the media;
  19. Advocate for children rights and participation in the media;
  20. Advocate right of the vulnerables and marginalized to participate in the media;
  21. Promote the role of the importance of media in nation building.