How does a mother of three remain with one side of the ear?

According to a substantial proportion of women aged (15-64) in South Sudan experience GBV either in the form of physical or sexual 13.5 percent violence in their lifetime.

New study indicates South Sudan ranges second in GBV prevalence rate in East Africa.

A mother of three children who lives in Juba has narrated how she remains with one ear.

Speaking with her she said they got married in 2011 when her husband was not yet on drug abuses 

“When I gave birth to my second child my husband was still supportive to me and even to my family members and there was no any form of violence in our family “Stella revealed. [not real name]

The mother of three, Stella (not her real name) said since her husband started drinking alcohol in 2021, she has been experiencing domestic violence throughout her life, not until last year when he bit one side of the ear.

“On that day my husband went to a party and he came back at 2:00 A.M. When I asked him, he was like am just a woman whom he married with his own money so I have no right to ask where he moves and he started fighting me not until he bites my ear,” said Stella.

Stella said he reported the incident to the police and her husband was detained at the police station for two days until the two families decided to plead with the police for his release.

Furthermore, Stella mentioned that her husband beats her all the time whenever he is drunk, and sometimes when she is beaten, she could go to the chief and report.

The woman mentioned that right now she is living near her in-laws and the husband fears beating her because his brothers normally fight for her.

Stella is 27 years old and a Primary Seven dropout pupil who is now doing some small-scale business to survive and able to pay her children to school.

“I feel so sad sometimes when I think of my ear but nothing, I can do about it maybe if I was to have money, I was going to have surgery. Am also requesting any willing person who is ready to support me for my ear surgery is welcome,” Stella appealed.

Stella further reveals that her husband is a Boda-boda (commercial motorcycle rider) and he could not support her.

The GBV survivor encourages women to report any form of violence they are going through for justice to take its course.

She urges the government to intervene so first when it comes to the issues of domestic violence and also the women’s organizations to support women who are unable to speak for themselves because in most cases women lose their lives in such acts.

Stella concluded by appreciating Sonke Gender Justice for creating a platform for women to express themselves and share the challenges they go through in life regarding GBV.

Many women and girls in South Sudan are facing difficulties in their marriage especially in the rural area due to ignorance.


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