South Sudan is still rated the second highest country with GBV report in East Africa according to a report.

Abau is a thirty-six-year-old who lives in Magwi County of the Eastern Equatoria state and a mother of nine who got married in 1994 to her first husband he died when they had five children then she remarried her second husband and divorced. Revealed her marriage experience.

Speaking on a phone call with her, Abau said she married her second husband in 2011 after the death of her first husband in 2008

 “There are no changes in my life, I married the second husband thinking he was going to help me and now since I married him I have been suffering alone even if my children are sick he doesn’t support me and even cultivate, or pay children to school”. She said

Abau said her divorced husband was too abusive and he could fight at any time whenever he was drunk. She could run and sleep outside sometimes whenever the husband is drunk and wants to fight.“My five children have never gone to school only the four younger ones that belong to him” Abau said.

Abau is a hard-working woman who works with a group of men who do group farming every year. She advises her fellow widows and those who are taking care of orphans to work hard to support their children instead of remarrying.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of the women’s union in Central Equatoria state Mrs. Magret Apolo said they are receiving more than three cases of GBV in their office monthly.