Building professional journalism in South Sudan.


Through its advocacy program, AMDISS seeks to build awareness of respect for freedom of expression, human rights, justice, and the rule of law in each county of every state across South Sudan.

Media laws, in particular, must comply with international human rights standards and be internationally recognized in democratic frameworks. AMDISS has embarked on an intensive advocacy effort with all key players in government and civil society organizations, the result of which is the drafting of the three media bills currently passed by the councils of ministers and awaiting approval from the South Sudan Legislative Assembly. When the bills are passed, AMDISS will take on the task of raising awareness about their content and monitoring their implementation.

Media Authority Bill.
Establishes the constitutional right of access to information and promotes maximum disclosure of information in the public interest.

The bills include:
Promotes high-quality public service broadcasting and the free flow of information in the public interest through a public service broadcasting corporation for South Sudan, the South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation.