AMDISS at quick glance

Association for Media Development In South Sudan (AMDISS) was formed in 2003 before the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of 2005. AMDISS was formed by South Sudanese journalists in the diaspora who are editors and owners of the leading media outlets for the then Southern Sudan, it started as a network through the internet/emails and it is a membership based organization.

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Success Stories

  • I was running a kiosk for charging cell phones to support my studies at MDI,” Peter Gatkuoth. “I also performed very well during my internship. I am so proud and happy about this hard-won award. It encourages me to do more in the field to win more awards and make difference in society.”
    Peter Gatkuoth is one of the six MDI Alumni who won the award for exceptional writing on the humanitarian situation in South Sudan.
    He encouraged his colleagues to devote themselves to educating, informing, and entertaining their audience regardless of the challenges facing the media space in the country.

    MDI Alumni Peter Gatkuotth,