AMDISS is a home to the Media Development Institute (MDI) which is due to be established’s the establishment of the Library is on progress ‘s the Media and Resource Centre is meeting place for journalists across South Sudan and around the world, the first port of call on anything media related in South Sudan.

It’s a place for journalists to discuss, debate and reflect. There are computers with high-speed internet, satellite television and the stock of the library includes newspapers, books, reports and research materials on issues of interest to journalists and civil society.

It is also the hub for our advocacy and media research work and the site of lectures, conferences, round tables, panel discussions, seminars and meetings. In the coming months the MDI will house AMDISS’s media training center, bringing together journalists from around the country for shorter and also more intensive courses on everything, from basic journalism skills to election or investigative Journalism, conflict sensitive reporting and photojournalism.